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Springhouse Shop and Studio Inc designs and builds handcrafted furniture and custom cabinets.

Located in beautiful Northeastern PA, we work with homeowners, interior designers, and architects.

We serve the Mid Atlantic USA and ship furniture nationwide.

Our woodworking offers the highest quality craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

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Remodeling and Home Design

Extreme Shaker Kitchen, Ash Vanity

extremeshakerisland low

This week and last, Adam returned to New Hope, Pennsylvania in Bucks County to install a large modern vanity and some closet built-ins in a dramatic overhaul of an old stone farmhouse. The kitchen, described by the homeowner as “Extreme Shaker” style, also features white countertops and Miele appliances including an induction stovetop, oven, and steam oven in

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Black and Cherry Kitchen revisited

Unique Kitchen Island doubles as dining table and wetbar

It is always a joy to go back to one of the kitchens we have created and see the totally finished space in use. The front door to this home needed some Cherry interior trim installed, and a couple custom thresholds put in (all handmade and finished in the shop).

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Slab Walnut Island Counter

Walnut Island Countertop

Slab Walnut Counter

A kitchen rennovation in Bloomsburg, PA was capped off with a gorgeous slab Walnut counter on the island. After considering a butcher block versus a thick solid slab, the homeowners opted for the latter. This beautiful wood countertop started as two enormous 3″ thick boards from Alderfer Lumber. The client decided to embrace the lighter sapwood

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Black + Cherry Kitchen and Vanities

These are some progress snapshots of the amazing timberframed home in Orangeville, PA where our latest custom kitchen has been installed. The Italian stove is a showpiece and the Kitchen Island with canitlevered light by Restoration Hardware stands out. The Island will allow seating on three sides and serve as the sole dining

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In the Shop: Black and Cherry Kitchen

Pennsylvania cabinetmaker custom kitchen

Handcrafted Cherry and Black Kitchen with Table side of Island shown

The black knobs and bin pulls are not yet on, but this special handcrafted kitchen is nearly ready for installation at an amazing new home in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. The homeowner decided to go with us when the semi-custom kitchen vendors just couldn’t give her the look she

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New Hope Shaker Kitchen

Custom Pennsylvania Shaker Kitchen Cabinetry

Handmade Shaker Kitchen

For three days near the end of July, Adam (with some much needed help- those tall cabinets were heavy!) installed the custom Shaker kitchen in New Hope. The homeowners added an addition to their stone farmhouse which more than doubled the living space. They chose very clean looking shaker style cabinets with a large center island,

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Custom Butternut Wine Rack


If you’re in Malvern, Pennsylvania, you could go visit this beautiful custom Butternut Wine Rack at the General Warren Inne. Butternut is sometimes called “white Walnut”, since it is similar, but lighter colored.

This piece holds 40 bottles, stemware, and openers- with panache.

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The Corner Drawer

Custom PA kitchen

90 degree corner drawer

We often get special requests for something different or unique, like this cool corner drawer in a kitchen. Corners are tricky spots – the homeowner had seen a drawer like this, and wanted one for herself.

If you are looking for something special, please ask, because the answer is usually, “Yes, we can do that”.

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Kitchen Feedback


“Every one loves the kitchen. We love working in it. It couldn’t have come out better. It’s my favorite room.

The key is finding a cabinet maker that is open to suggestions and is willing to work with you. The guy we got was great. Every time I had an idea, he executed better then I had dreamed!”- E.S. (via

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